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My dog Roman has encouraged me to start this blog. He is my guiding light-the buddy, who has my back, always there for me. So, I listened.

I will be blogging about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and a new highly effective treatment approach, Inferential Cognitive and Behavioral Treatment (I-CBT).

I will also be writing about Panic/Agoraphobia, Highway Agoraphobia, Fear of Flying and Specific Phobias, particularly Claustrophobia, fear of elevators, fear of heights (Acrophobia) and fear of animals (Zoophobia). Virtual reality software has been an effective addition to the gold stardard of treatment for phobias- In Vivo exposure. But you will learn about how VR can now be delivered remotely thanks innovations by oVrcome, a start-up company based in New Zealand

Additionally, I will provide summaries of currrent research on neuro-science, general science, and COVID. I will not be withholding my opinions on issues related to social justice, emerging anti-democratic movements in the US and Europe, the war in Ukraine and more.


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Treatment of Obsessional Spectrum Anxiety

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