• Overview


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    • From New York City
    • Moved To Massachusetts as a young adult
    • Studied Spanish and worked in Latin America
    • Lived and worked in Barcelona, Spain
    • Returned to Boston
    • Moved to Newburyport, Massachusetts
  • 1985-1999 Work Experiences

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    • English Teacher in Barcelona, Spain
    • Outpatient Counselor at a substance abuse treatment center in East Boston
    • Outpatient Therapist on the cross-cultural team of a community mental health center in Salem, Massachusetts
  • 1999-2003 General Private Practice


    Started a general private practice in Newburyport, Massachusetts, working with children, teens and adults, using cognitive and behavioral methods.
  • 2003-present Anxiety Specialty Practice

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    Transition from general to specialty practice, dedicated to the treatment of anxiety disorders, and to obsessive compulsive disorder in particular.
  • Education and Training


    BA. Psychology- University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Massachusetts
    M.Ed. Counseling Psychology - Cambridge College, Cambridge, Massachusetts
    (2003-2004) Gail Steketee, Ph.D. professor of Psychology at Boston University
    I trained privately with Dr. Gail Steketee over a period of 18 months. Dr. Steketee a clinical researcher and then professor of psychology at Boston University is an internationally recognized expert in obsessive compulsive disorder. During this time, I received weekly consultation and training from Dr. Steketee in the application of the cognitive therapy manual that she and colleague Sabine Wilhelm had written and adapted to the treatment of obsessive compulsive disorder.
    (2006-present) Kieron O’Connor, Ph.D. professor of Psychology at the University of Montreal, Canada
    Over the past 10 years, I have trained and collaborated with Dr. Kieron O’Connor, clinical researcher and professor of psychology at the University of Montreal in Quebec, Canada.
    I learned of Dr. O’Connor, who had developed an innovative cognitive treatment for OCD- the Inferential-Based Approach (IBA)-from Gail Steketee, as she was winding down her consulting work. I was immediately impressed with the innovative contribution IBA represented. Dr. O’Connor generously agreed to train me; and there began my enriching journey with IBA with Dr. O’Connor.
    After several years of training and consultation learning curve, I developed more of a collaborative relationship with Dr. O’Connor and his associate Dr. Fred Aardema, providing case reports for their clinician’s manual, attending annual Quebec Obsessive Compulsive Foundation conference as a Q and A panelist, participating in IBT dissemination projects. I also participated in the first IBA training conference that took place in July 2017 in Montreal. Presently I am developing content for new IBA client material that will be forthcoming as well as participating in the organization of the second IBA training workshop, provisionally planned for late 2017.